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  • There are three types of baseball players: Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who wonder what happens. Tommy Lasorda  Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical. Yogi Bera    Little League baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets. Yogi Bera
Welcome to the Home of Cromwell Little League.

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Teaching America's pastime to the youth of Cromwell, CT. since 1951.

Board of Directors Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of the month in the CPD Community room




by posted 04/19/2018

Opening Day Ceremonies will be held at Henderson Field and begin promptly at 10am Saturday April 21st.  Players should arrive no later then 9:15am to get organized.


Concessions will open by 9am to serve breakfast sandwiches, muffins, juice and coffee for the morning activities, then transition to burgers, dogs, fries, and nachos for the later games.


Games will immediately follow the ceremony.


See you Saturday!!



by posted 04/19/2018
Cromwell Little League Day with the Yard Goats

by posted 03/13/2018
Cromwell Little League Team Store

by posted 03/11/2018
2018 Bat Change Rule

2018 Bat rule change


On January 1st 2018 new bat rules for little league will take effect. These changes are not from Cromwell Little League but from our governing body, Little League International. These changes will affect all baseball divisions from T-ball thru Minors,Majors and 50/70.

SOFTBALL WILL NOT BE AFFECTED BY THIS CHANGE. All bats must have a USA BAT‚ stamp to be approved for use in game play. New bats are available now is a varied price range. Go to the Official Little Leaguewebsite… for more info.

If you have any questions then contact

Jim Vinchetti President Cromwell Little League at Jvin80@hotmail.com

by posted 02/21/2018
Upcoming Games
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Bareau Watrous Front - Cromwell TBD (4/21) 
Batting Cage 1 - Cromwell TBD (4/21) 
Batting Cage 2 - Cromwell TBD (4/21) 
CHS JV Softball Field - Cromwell TBD (4/21) 
CHS Softball Field - Cromwell TBD (4/21) 
CMS 60/90 - Cromwell TBD (4/21) 
CMS Gym - Cromwell OPEN (4/21) 
ECS1 - Cromwell TBD (4/21) 
ECS2 - Cromwell TBD (4/21) 
Franklin Field - Cromwell TBD (4/21) 
Henderson Field - Cromwell TBD (4/21) 
Lindquist Field - Cromwell TBD (4/21) 
Lions Field - Cromwell TBD (4/21) 
Mcutchen Watrous Rear - Crowmell TBD (4/21) 
Potter 1 - Cromwell TBD (4/21) 
Potter 2 - Cromwell TBD (4/21) 
Town Hall Gym - Cromwell OPEN (4/21) 
WIS Gym - Cromwell OPEN (4/21) 
WIS North - Cromwell TBD (4/21) 
WIS South - Cromwell TBD (4/21)