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Welcome to Cromwell Little League.


Boys Majors Head Coaching Positions

Cromwell Little League is preparing for the upcoming Spring 2015 season.

At the Boys Major level, we have 6 head manager’s positions that we will be interviewing for.  This position is open to the parents of boys who played at the majors level in the Spring of 2014.  

If you are interested in being considered as a head manager, please contact one of the three committee members below no later than Monday December 15th.

President – Buddy Gagliardi – nyyanks580@hotmail.com
Player Agent – Chris Licht –  chrisgto45@hotmail.com
Boys Majors VP – George Mihalopoulos – greex3d@gmail.com

Cromwell Little League is a volunteer driven organization and if you are interested in helping out as an assistant coach at ANY level, we ask that you please email info@cromwelllittleleague.com and fill out the volunteer form found on the documents page on the left.  Completed forms should be sent via email to info@cromwelllittleleague.com or via mail to:

Cromwell Little League
PO Box 21
Cromwell, CT 06416

Our goal is to make sure our Little Leaguers get plenty of practice time and to achieve this we need parent participation.

Thank you,


by posted 11/20/2014
Angels Win CLL Championship

Congratulations to the Angels and Braves on terrific seasons this year!  The Angels bested the Braves 12-5 in their final game rubber match of a 3-game World Series.  Congratulations again to the 2014 Majors Champions Angels and to all of the teams for a great season.  Looking forward to next year!

by posted 06/27/2014
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Batting Cages 1 - Cromwell OPEN (11/23) 
Batting Cages 2 - Cromwell OPEN (11/23) 
CHS JV Softball Field - Cromwell OPEN (11/23) 
CHS Softball Field - Cromwell OPEN (11/23) 
CMS - Cromwell OPEN (11/23) 
Coginchaug - Durham TBD (11/23) 
Deep River - Deep River TBD (11/23) 
Durham - Durham TBD (11/23) 
ECS1 - Cromwell OPEN (11/23) 
ECS2 - Cromwell OPEN (11/23) 
Franklin Field - Cromwell OPEN (11/23) 
Greenfield TBD (11/23) 
Haddam - Haddam TBD (11/23) 
Henderson - Cromwell OPEN (11/23) 
Lindquist - Cromwell OPEN (11/23) 
Lions - Cromwell OPEN (11/23) 
Memorial Field - Newington TBD (11/23) 
Middletown - Middletown TBD (11/23) 
Middletown - Snow TBD (11/23) 
Middletown Snow TBD (11/23) 
Old Saybrook - Old Saybrook TBD (11/23) 
Peckham - Middlefield TBD (11/23) 
Portland - Portland TBD (11/23) 
Portland High School TBD (11/23) 
Potter - Cromwell OPEN (11/23) 
Pragemann Park - Wallingford TBD (11/23) 
RHHS - Rocky Hill TBD (11/23) 
Rocky Hill TBD (11/23) 
Rocky Hill - Vicino - Rocky Hill TBD (11/23) 
Rose Hill Field - Portland TBD (11/23) 
Solwacki - Cromwell OPEN (11/23) 
Vicino Field - Rocky Hill TBD (11/23) 
Watrous 1 - Cromwell OPEN (11/23) 
Watrous 2 - Crowmell OPEN (11/23) 
WIS North - Cromwell OPEN (11/23) 
WIS South - Cromwell OPEN (11/23) 
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