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Welcome to Cromwell Little League.


Registration Update!

Hello Cromwell Nation,

Just a quick update on registrations.  Our LAST WALK IN day is tomorrow Feb 14th from 9am until 12noon at the Town Hall.  If you don't want to use the online portion of the website for registration, this will be your last opportunity prior to tryouts.

Online Registration will be closing on Friday March 6th at midnight as well.  We will need the following week to get rosters and tryouts ready the following week.  Please make sure you get your registration in ASAP.


Boys and Girls Majors will be at High School Gym on Saturday March 14th.

Girls Majors
3:30pm - Check In
4pm to 5:30pm - Tryouts

Boys Majors
5:30pm - Check In
6pm to 8pm - Tryouts

Boys Competitive Minors will be at Advanced SportsPlex on Sunday March 22nd.

Boys Comp Minors
5:30pm - Check In
6pm to 8pm - Tryouts

If you have questions about the above, please contact us ASAP.

Thank You,



by posted 02/13/2015
Online Registration Now OPEN!

We hope you all had a nice holiday season and we wish you a Happy New Year!

This notice is to inform you that Cromwell Little League registrations for the 2015 season is now open on-line at

Little League International has implemented a new league age chart that will be in effect this year.  This new age chart affects the Boy’s divisions only as the Girl’s divisions have been following this age chart for years.  The new league age chart is posted below below.

NOTE: All 9 year old Boys registering for Boys Majors Program must have 1 year of Competitive Minors (Spring, Summer or Fall) experience prior to trying out for Majors.  Also, all 8 year old Boys registering for Boys Competitive Minors program must have 1 year of Instructional Minors experience prior to try outs.  Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Please contact us with any questions at

by posted 01/05/2015
Boys Winter Clinic Schedule

Here are the schedules for the Boys Winter Clinics held at Advanced Sports Coplex.

Winter Clinic Group Schedules
Group 1   Group 2
Sunday 30-Nov 1:30-3:00   Saturday 29-Nov 4:00-5:30
Sunday 7-Dec 1:30-3:00   Saturday 6-Dec 10:30-12:00
Sunday 14-Dec 11:30-1:00   Saturday 13-Dec 2:00-3:30
Sunday 21-Dec 1:30-3:00   Saturday 20-Dec 2:00-3:30
Saturday 10-Jan 10:00-11:30   Saturday 10-Jan 3:00-4:30
Sunday 18-Jan 10:30-12:00   Saturday 17-Jan 3:00-4:30
Saturday 24-Jan 10:30-12:00   Saturday 24-Jan 9:00-10:30
Saturday 31-Jan 2:00-3:30   Saturday 31-Jan 12:30-2:00
Sunday 8-Feb 2:00-3:30   Saturday 7-Feb 4:30-6:00
Sunday 15-Feb 10:30-12:00   Saturday 14-Feb 3:30-5:00
Saturday 21-Feb 2:00-3:30   Saturday 21-Feb 3:30-5:00
Saturday 28-Feb 2:00-3:30   Saturday 28-Feb 3:30-5:00

by posted 11/26/2014
Angels Win CLL Championship

Congratulations to the Angels and Braves on terrific seasons this year!  The Angels bested the Braves 12-5 in their final game rubber match of a 3-game World Series.  Congratulations again to the 2014 Majors Champions Angels and to all of the teams for a great season.  Looking forward to next year!

by posted 06/27/2014
Upcoming Games
Recent Results
Field Status
Batting Cages 1 - Cromwell OPEN (2/28) 
Batting Cages 2 - Cromwell OPEN (2/28) 
CHS JV Softball Field - Cromwell OPEN (2/28) 
CHS Softball Field - Cromwell OPEN (2/28) 
CMS - Cromwell OPEN (2/28) 
Coginchaug - Durham TBD (2/28) 
Deep River - Deep River TBD (2/28) 
Durham - Durham TBD (2/28) 
ECS1 - Cromwell OPEN (2/28) 
ECS2 - Cromwell OPEN (2/28) 
Franklin Field - Cromwell OPEN (2/28) 
Greenfield TBD (2/28) 
Haddam - Haddam TBD (2/28) 
Henderson - Cromwell OPEN (2/28) 
Lindquist - Cromwell OPEN (2/28) 
Lions - Cromwell OPEN (2/28) 
Memorial Field - Newington TBD (2/28) 
Middletown - Middletown TBD (2/28) 
Middletown - Snow TBD (2/28) 
Middletown Snow TBD (2/28) 
Old Saybrook - Old Saybrook TBD (2/28) 
Peckham - Middlefield TBD (2/28) 
Portland - Portland TBD (2/28) 
Portland High School TBD (2/28) 
Potter - Cromwell OPEN (2/28) 
Pragemann Park - Wallingford TBD (2/28) 
RHHS - Rocky Hill TBD (2/28) 
Rocky Hill TBD (2/28) 
Rocky Hill - Vicino - Rocky Hill TBD (2/28) 
Rose Hill Field - Portland TBD (2/28) 
Solwacki - Cromwell OPEN (2/28) 
Vicino Field - Rocky Hill TBD (2/28) 
Watrous 1 - Cromwell OPEN (2/28) 
Watrous 2 - Crowmell OPEN (2/28) 
WIS North - Cromwell OPEN (2/28) 
WIS South - Cromwell OPEN (2/28) 
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