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Fall Ball is now in Full Swing!  Girls Juniors signups are OPEN!
by posted 08/20/2013

Welcome to Cromwell Little League.


by posted 08/18/2014
It was a fun season.  These girls got a little better every time they showed up to the field.  It really showed at the end of the summer season when they won 4 straight games to become the number one seed.  The championship game was a well played game by both teams - Cromwell Black and Cromwell Red.  Cromwell Red won the championship game because of great play by the whole team. They were led by pitching performances from Malena Signorello and Jamie Anderson and an offensive attack by the whole team led by Khaya Skene. 
Brandon McFarlin
Congratulations to the Runners Up also from Cromwell....

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Cromwell All-Stars
by posted 07/11/2014

Hello Cromwell Nation,

Here's a quick update on the our All-Stars.

11 Year Old Boys - After losing their first game, they won back to back games and needed just one more win to advance to the Championship bit they fell just short of that goal losing to to Coginchaug.  Nice job by Coach Sullivan and his boys.

12 Year Old Boys - They went 3-1 in pool play and won their first play off game beating Coginchaug 2-0.  They then had to face Old Saybrook again.  They fought hard but in the end, didn't have it to advance further.  Nice job by Coach Lombardo and his boys.

As for our 9/10 year old All-Stars, they are BOTH playing for the district championship on Sunday.  

First, the girls are playing at 12pm at Snow School in Middletown.  Let's get as much support as we can over to Middletown to root them on.

Next our boys will be playing in East Hampton at 5pm at Memorial School vs. Madison.

Let's get out there and cheer on our boys and girls 9/10 All-Stars on Sunday.



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Angels Win CLL Championship
by posted 06/27/2014

Congratulations to the Angels and Braves on terrific seasons this year!  The Angels bested the Braves 12-5 in their final game rubber match of a 3-game World Series.  Congratulations again to the 2014 Majors Champions Angels and to all of the teams for a great season.  Looking forward to next year!

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